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Enjoy the ocean in Hayama!

Enjoy the ocean in Hayama!

When you come to Hayama, we want you to play in the ocean.
Especially in summer, we want you to enjoy marine activities to the fullest.
With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to a place where you can fully enjoy the ocean in Hayama.
The Isshiki Boat House is located in Isshiki, next to the Morito area where The Bath & Bed Hayama is located.

There are several shacks that rent out rowboats for fishing on the ocean in Hayama. In addition to boats, you can rent surfboards, SUPs, snorkel goods, fishing rods, and various other sea fun equipment here.

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Hayama Fishing Boat|Isshiki hayama

If you don’t fish but would like to take a boat out to sea, that is of course OK too.
Families, couples, and women alone can also enjoy the boat in their own ways.

I recommend renting a SUP in the evening and watching the sunset from the ocean.

If you are staying at The Bath & Bed Hayama. How about going to Isshiki Beach on the second day?

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