The Bath and Bed Hayama


"The Bath & Bed Hayama" is a "Co-Created" guesthouse by friends living in Hayama and people who are inspired by the area. Thankfully, a large number of people have been involved in our "Stay in a Kura Storehouse Project". We would like to express our sincere gratitude for joining us on Facebook (we received many "likes") or Instagram (many followers), in the workshop events and crowdfunding.

You can still find us on social media. Check out for the start-up of the project, workshop summary, renovation works, and the present. We appreciate your continued support.


Please check out our urban-planning project on the crowdfunding platform "Hello! RENOVATION". We appreciate your understanding and support.

■「Stay in a kura storehouse (Investment-type)」(※The campaign is complete.)
■「Stay in a kura storehouse (Purchase-type)」(※The campaign is complete.)

A total of 275 people participated in our workshops (19 all together).

In the DIY event, the participants worked on making the bed frame.

Our crowdfunding campaign (investment-type) on the "Hello! RENOVATION" platform is complete with the target amount of 6 million yen in a day. We are grateful for all the support from our donors, friends and supporters!