The Bath and Bed Hayama


The artworks and cultural space seen in " The Bath & Bed Hayama ''
are co-designed by the renowned local artists
in the Shonan coast area (Hayama, Zushi, Kamakura)
on the western side of Kanagawa.

Our space is also made from delusional ideas
discussed among the workshop participants
when we had at the planning stage.

Our relaxing guesthouse,
originally constructed as a kura storehouse in the 19th century,
is undoubtedly the co-created project with the communities.

Kanae Ishii|Design Supervisor
Interior Design Stylist, Resident in Zushi

As a design supervisor of our guesthouse, she suggested the interesting idea of how the old kura storehouse could be reborn into a house and embodied the entire design from the layout plans to furniture.

CALLAC|Construction Work
Rennovation Master based around Hayama

Our guesthouse is all handmade by the CALLAC craftmen realizing the full potential of our ideas.
The stairs have a steel frame, wooden steps out of the old material used for the kura floor and high quality construction.

honda GREEN|Landscape and Exterior
Exterior designer and gardener based around Kamakura

The exterior log walls built by hondaGREEN gives a great impression on our house.
Once you walk through the walls, you enter an exotic little garden.

Kentaro Tanaka|Artworks
Artist, Resident in Zushi

Entering our kura guesthouse, you will find a huge elephant painting and its story.
Look for another artwork painted by Kentaro Tanaka being hung somewhere in the house.

DEFI CREATION|Flower Decoration
Interior designers based around Hayama

You will love the beautiful floral chandelier made of dried eucalyptus leaves on the second story.
The natural green colour and the aroma have created a relaxing room which helps promote a better sleep.
Lying on the bed, you will see a different view.

gallery kasper(Former:BOOKSHOP kasper)|Book Selection
Book store and gallery in Hayama

Just sit still and make time for reading somewhere quiet to calm your mind. Carve out reading time with one of the relaxing books.
Reading takes your mind away and you can go to faraway places that may not even exist.
There is a nice selection of books from picture books to novels on the shelves in the house.

ENJOYWORKS|Plan & Design
Architecture firm, Real Estate, Urban Planning

The firm was involved in all the planning, architecture designing and branding regarding the "The Bath & Bed Hayama" project and managed the professional resources for the project.
The guesthouse is operated by Good Neighbors, the associated company of ENJOYWORKS.